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High School Musical 3! August 1, 2008

Filed under: Random — Sarah @ 2:52 pm

Went to the cinema to see Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging with my friend Kate this morning (btw it’s awful don’t bother going to see it!) and saw the trailor for HSM3! I am now very excited – especially as it’s coming out in the cinema so I don’t need to find someone with the Disney Channel this time! Woo! Roll on October!


6 Responses to “High School Musical 3!”

  1. I saw it too (I won’t say what I was watching when it came on…). Looks fun. I’m quite gutted it’s going into cinemas first – I won’t be able to watch it in secret!


  2. Justin Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    We’re yet to meet but I’m probably John Dray’s oldest friend, friend of the family, and the person who helps with Ferndale’s website.

    I’m a little excited, too… and have booked off the day to go and stand next to the red carpet for the London Premier. And this is all thanks to Gareth, who made us watch it at Christmas one year.

    I need fabulous, darn it!

  3. sarahdawkins Says:

    i am getting more excited – especially as John Dray has said he’ll come watch it! hehe! though, i am quite jealous you’re going to the premiere!

  4. John says he’ll come see it? My goodness, you are a cruel and evil girl. Make him go see a really girly film too…

  5. sarahdawkins Says:

    Not cruel and evil . . just helping him to expand his film tastes. He’s got his revenge though – I have to watch a Sci-Fi film without complaining at all! Should be fun!

  6. I beg your pardon… film tastes? There’s nothing tasteful about High School Musical.

    At least one benefit is it’s not in with subtitles.

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