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Still coping! August 27, 2008

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Mr and Mrs Wren

Mr and Mrs Wren

I’m back in Southend after Phil and Sarah’s lovely wedding which was a great chance to catch up with some of the UCCF team from the North West that I’ve not seen in a while. Made me realise that although I’d only known most of these people for a year I’d formed some really deep friendships with them over that time and I’m really grateful for their continuing support, challenge and rebuking when necessary!

I managed not only to navigate crossing London but also ,diverted from the Trainline’s itnerinary to go and visit another girl I know from doing Relay, Rachel, which was great. I saw most the main sights of London from her roof terrace (the Gherkin, the Eye, BT tower and what we think is St Paul’s Cathedral!).

This afternoon moved some books and photos into the office (that seems quite strange that I have an office!) to make it more ‘homey’ which appears to have worked so far and I can now get around without Paddy! Woo! Tomorrow’s challenge is going to be walking to the church with just my trusty A-Z to help me . . .should be interesting!


5 Responses to “Still coping!”

  1. Gareth Says:

    Did you choose my old desk, or the one that sometimes gets some sunlight?

  2. sarahdawkins Says:

    Well, I’m currently on my laptop so using the one that has sunlight and Rudi lovingly cleared it for me yesterday but, used your old one yesterday when I didnt have the laptop and the corner is actually a lot nicer than I had been expecting . . . I am still undecided! Using your bookshelves though!

  3. Jane Says:

    Did you wonder who the idiots in the car were this morning? You had just crossed Bournemouth Park and were heading up North Avenue when a man in a grey car shouted to you “Its up there on the left!” Needless to say it was us! Bob was taking me to work. Look out for us tomorrow, about the same time!

  4. sarahdawkins Says:

    I did wonder!! And, I figured it had to be a church person who might recognise me (though very scary that you did recignise me as I have NO idea who you are!!) as the directions were right. At that point I did know where it was but the help was very much appreciated!!

    Looking forward to meeting you – maybe tomorrow or sunday?

  5. Jane K Says:

    We will see you on Sunday. I am afraid we are both “once seen, never forgotten” and we have been so looking forward to your arrival that you were easy to spot! Looking forward to meeting you properly, then!

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