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The truth about this world September 9, 2008

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For many reasons, today has just reminded me of how much pain and suffering there is in this world and that so many people are suffering day in and day out. That suffering has seemed so much more real to me today for some reason-probably because I know the people and there’s nothing I can do! Nothing any of us do or say can ever ease the pain that so so many are suffering.

How great the hope of heaven – a certain hope at that. We can weep with those that weep, grieve with those that grieve and know that it is true that one day our Lord is going to come and make this world new and that he will wipe each tear away.

Praise the Lord


2 Responses to “The truth about this world”

  1. Peter Dray Says:

    Keep going – and how right you are. Every atom is stained by sin and will one day be made new.

  2. Jane K Says:

    And we know that he walks with us! No matter how dark the night, we will never be left alone!

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