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Southend Celebrity, Book Groups & Other things September 17, 2008

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This morning, I just popped into Co-Op to do some shopping for an elderly German lady from Ferndale (I tried to make the most of my German A-level and say ‘thank you’ to her in German but for some reason I said Denken (think) instead of Danke – whoops!) and I met the Mayor – again! This is my second meeting with her in just over two weeks. I think for unplanned mayoral meetings this has to be some sort of record. And even more impressively her ‘Mayoral Aide’ (who I’m pretty sure is her husband) recognised me. Very weird.

Been trying to join a book group to meet some people and finally got round to looking in the library earlier this week and found that there is only one ‘normal’ group, which has a waiting list! All the others appear to be for alcoholics, drug abusers etc who enjoy reading non-fiction . . .onto plan B which so far is just being on the waiting list. Suggestions welcome.

And met a very over eager traffic warden yesterday! Was being extemley lazy and decided to go to the library on my way back from work so parked on the car park (only 20p an hour – bargain). Came back to my car to find the traffic warden writing down my details! Got slightly worried so asked if there was a problem . . . there was, he was writing me a ticket 25mins in advance on the off chance I didn’t come back in time!

So, all in all it’s a fun week so far, though very quiet with Jon Delves and Stephen in Edinburgh. Though, I did (with John Dray’s help) tidy the office and ‘prettify’ it which is quiet exciting. Amazing the difference some vases, candles and common wealth bunting (John’s influence) can make.

And, it has now been a whole week since I used Paddy, it has meant going around the long/scenic way a fair few times but it’s progress!


3 Responses to “Southend Celebrity, Book Groups & Other things”

  1. Jane K Says:

    I don’t think I have ever met our mayor! How unfair is that!

    Which library did you go to? There is a small one on Lifstan Way on the corner of Southchurch Road near the White Horse. And of course there is the main one in town near the civic centre. Whichever one you tried it may be worth trying the other one!

    And I can’t wait to see the beautified office – I do hope you meant the main one! I can just see Stephen surrounded by bunting!

    We are away until Monday so I will see you all on Tuesday!

    ps I am sure he would love some pink fluffy cushions!

  2. sarahdawkins Says:

    Sadly, Stephen’s office is currently bunting free but a good idea . . especially the pink fluffy cushions . . maybe next time he goes away we could do an ‘office makeover’ for him!

  3. Peter Dray Says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing well. Why don’t you start your own group?

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