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Strange Southend Things (Part 1) September 30, 2008

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Since moving to Southend, I have noticed things that just seem quite weird to me so thought I would share them with you!

1) It appears that in Southend (or maybe the South in general) completly normal and reasonable to ring people at 8am! This morning I was rung by the plumber at 8.02. Have I just been living a life where people don’t phone til 10, or 9 if necessary?! Seems bizarre to me!!

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Water, Water Everywhere!

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When I was being convinced to move South, a few people told me that it’s always sunny and warm and never rains (you know who you are!) I now know that they were not telling the truth! Today, is one of the coldest days I think I’ve ever experienced….maybe I’m slightly over reacting … but it’s very cold and disgustingly wet 😦 second time in a week I’ve got soaked on the way to church.

Though – excitingly I now have a new cistern meaning that my bathroom floor is no longer flooded –   woohoo! Getting up and knowing you’ve got to mop your bathroom floor every morning isn’t the best reason to get out of bed. woohoo!