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A lovely weekend October 15, 2008

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The last few days have been great. I’ve seen some old friends, been a tourist and realised just how much I feel like I am part of the family at Ferndale.

Spent Friday evening and Saturday in London/Croydon with some ex Relay 07/08ers and staying with the lovely Mr and Mrs Wren. It was so nice to just chill out. The encouragement of old friends is amazing. Knowing that they already know you and your faults and they are still happy to have to lounging on their sofa and not really saying much (companiable silence that is!) watching Saturday kitchen and laughing at builders unexpectedly turning up!

And being a tourist in central London was great, although I think I managed to embarass Sarah quite a lot byt being very over excited about everything – even the fact that there was a McDonald’s in Trafalgar Sq – well nearly – and yes I know I’m a geek!! I’ve taken loads of photos which I will add to this post at some point. It was so much fun and I now have an Oyster card for the tube which probably makes me more of a Southerner than I’d like to admit! And strangely, I felt more like ‘me’ in London, than I’ve felt like ‘me’ in quite a few months.

Sarah and me in St James' Park

Sarah and me in St James

This all probably led to coming back on sunday feeling happier and more ready to get stuck in – a good thing as it was a busy day! Harvest service, Sarah’s Baptism (see the Ferndale News link for the video – you can spot me in the bright orange t shirt!) & Harvest Lunch! Amazing! And I looked around at one point on sunday morning and just realised that the people around me were friends, not people I was trying to get to know (though obviously there are some people that I don’t know as well as others) but on the whole, friends. I also realised that I’m nearly at the two month mark – scary! but that when I was on Relay in took me about 2 months to feel settled, and I’m starting to feel settled here so wherever I move in the future I shouldn’t expect to feel settled for at least 2 months!

Monday was the almost suprise visit of my old housemate from uni which just added to the general happiness – it was great being able to hang out with her and show her around Southend – pretending that I did kinda know where I was going!

Yesterday I was back in the office, but I went to the YMCA in the morning (where I am going to be working for a day a week) and realised that my degree (Law) and especially my dissertation (Youth Justice Policies and Youth Offending in England and Wales) have actually got a use! yay! I can now see how I can use the seemingly useless knowedge I have! I’m really looking forward to my first full day there next Wednesday.

So, I guess the point of this post is that I’m doing ok. I’m feeling settled, like I belong and I’m getting to know what I’m meant to be doing and when I should be doing it. I still miss the north and people in the north but here now feels that bit more like home and I don’t want to not live here – at least for the time being.