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First trip North October 28, 2008

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This weekend was my first trip north since I’ve been in Southend. Very exciting though quite bizarre to actually be there! I got on the train on Friday night from Euston and was amazingly excited to hear the Train Manager come on over the tannoy with the best Carlisle accent I’ve heard in a long time – so Carlisle that the London girls sat with me had no idea what he was saying so I had to ‘translate’! Great fun! Getting off the train at Preston (as opposed to staying on to Lancaster for the extra 15 minutes) was very strange though Preston station felt strangely homely (I guess I spent a fair amount of time there when I was at uni).

The wedding was lovely (although I was reminded about just how much it does actually rain in the North West) and it was great fun seeing friends from University as well of course as seeing Esther and Darren get married! So weird though that I felt completly at home even though I’ve not lived in Preston for 15 months and haven’t been to All Saints in just as long. Reminded me of another part of my life and was really interesting to see how I have changed and how I haven’t.

Being with old friends with the old banter made me feel at home, but I wasn’t that sad to leave. I think it’s true that it is good to visit but for Preston (we’ll see about Lancaster in a a couple of weeks time!) it was quite easy to leave because I know that’s not where I am meant to be at the moment. The hardest bit was not getting on the bus that pulled into the stand (pictured below) when I was sat opposite it for an hour!

I was glad that I hadn’t got on it though, because as soon as I walked into church on Monday morning, I felt as if I had never been away (a good thing!). I think that I am very lucky to have so many places where I feel at home but Southend is definetly the place for me right now.