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Tales from the North November 10, 2008

Since Wednesday evening, I have been ‘up North’ which is very exciting! It’s my first proper trip North (36 hours for Esther and Darrens Wedding really doesn’t count!) and I have seen so many people which has been fantastic.

I’ve spent some really great time with my mum, going shopping and just spending some really good quality time together.Went up to Kendal and into Lancaster and mainly pottered doing Me and my godson, Bennothing. And, for once I thought ahead and have bought a fair few of the Christmas presents for Northern people so I don’t have to neogtiate them onto the train at Christmas but instead leave them at my mums- genius!  Got to see Ben, my godson which was great – he’s said he’s coming to visit me in Southend but Mummy might not be allwoed to come! And it’s really weird, ever since I got off the train, I actually just felt at home! Southend feels like a bit of a dream. A good one I hasten to add, but nevertheless a bit of a dream.

I’ve done a bit more since Saturday (which some how was only yesterday . . .though by the time I finish the post it’ll probably be technically 2 days ago) Getting very wet at the fireworks!as seeing lots of different people generally requires doing a bit more. Had lunch with an amazing friend and was really encouraged. Had dinner with some other friends (and was introduced to the idea of having fried apples with bangers, mash and onion gravy – sounds rank but is actually quite good!). But the highlight of Saturday has to be the legnedary Lancaster fireworks! I have been for so many years it was really exciting to be home to see them, but even more exciting was running into friends from Uni who had come from Preston to see the fireworks too! How exciting although amazingly wet!

Today (sunday), I’ve been to church and was overwhelmed by the generosity and support of so many who clearly had been praying for me and were willing to make financial sacrifices. lunch with some student friends . . who don't appear that happy to see me!I felt like I’d never been away (seeing people look at me, turn away and then realise that I’m not part of the furniture anymore was actually hilarious!). Going to ‘spoons for lunch with the students and then just chilling with some good friends this afternoon was great. I feel so at home here, but weirdly I think that it does feel right for me to be just a visitor, though granted that might change over the course of this week.

6pm today saw the official start of University of Cumbria Mission Week! So, that’s what I’ll be doing all week. Peter Dray has summed up what we are doing really well on his blog.

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m scared but I can’t wait! I’m already relearning that students like to start hard discussions late at night, and don’t do assignments til very late the night before they are due (hence when I am writing this now!) but I think I do love it

(Southern people . . . .Don’t worry, I am planning on coming back! Especially as it’s now 12.30am and I have to be up for prayers in the morning . . .I can’t cope with the student lifestyle long term!)


2 Responses to “Tales from the North”

  1. Jane K Says:

    You can feel at home in more than one place and there really is nothing as good as going back to your roots!

    I am sure that you will have a really rewarding time this week! but we will all be glad when you are back with us!!

  2. Anne Says:

    So lovely (and strange!) to see you on home turf!

    Hope the week goes really well and that you won’t feel too odd making the return journey.

    Miss you x

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