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True Essex January 12, 2009

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Now, when most people hear that I am living in Essex or especially in Southend, I’m greeted with a whole host of stereotypes e.g. “Saafend” “where are your white stillettos” and so on. I’m sad to inform you all that actually on a daily basis that isn’t actually the Essex I see . . .well it is still “Saafend” and there are a lot of white shoes . . but living in Essex isn’t actually like living in a stereotype. Although I must admit that I am getting used to the accent (which is scary because I used to almost need an interpretator!)

Anyway, I went to the hairdressers over the weekend and it truly was like stepping into a stereotype! It was brilliant! The hairdressers were “Trace” and “Stace” (both with amazing accents) and it was like being in Eastenders . . . there was the reading out of the gossip magazines, the peroxide blonde hair, the talking about everyone’s news (even if they weren’t there, in fact especially if they weren’t there . .) but the one thing that made me think. ” i live in Essex” from this whole experience was the chair. I have trawled google images and can not find a picture of one so you’re going to have to use your imiaginations!

It was like a posh office one, so faux leather on wheels with quite a high back. But, the fauz leather was pink cow print! It was amazing!!! Very very Essex!!!!