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Potter versus Sculptor February 24, 2009

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So, as a Christian, I long to be more like Jesus and I know that one day that will be completed, when Jesus returns. But, in the mean time I still strive to become more Christlike and I know that God is doing that. There are things about me that I can see God has changed to bring them into line with his perfection (not saying that I am perfect in any way shape or form!)

But, in my head being made more like Christ was a good thing (which it most certainly is) but to use an illustration it was more like a potter shaping clay on a wheel, smooth, controlled and almost relaxing. Well it isn’t like that. We’re never told in the Bible that it is. We’re told that following Christ is not the easy option, it is hard and I’ve really noticed that over the past couple of weeks. As much as I do want to be changed, actually it’s hard, its painful and the only reason I’d choose it is because of the fact that the gospel is true! (Relay cheese yet actually reflecting an amazing gospel truth!). It’s not a gooey clay based shaping, its much more like a sculpter starting with a rectangle of concrete and chiselling it into something amazing. That sounds painful! It is. But, as a friend reminded me Romans 8:28 is still true. God will use this for his glory – through changing me into the likeness of his son, He will have the glory.


Where is the weatherman? February 12, 2009

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So, this post is going to sound very British as it is all about the weather! But, I am confused about what the weatherman has been doing this week in Southend! Tuesday morning I awoke to reports that Southend was flooded but actually I saw nothing between my house, church, waitrose and so on . . . it turns about that Chelmsford was the flooded area not Southend.

And tonight, I have just watched the weatherman tell me its going to be cold but dry whilst watching snow fall quite heavily through the window!!!

Who knows what is going on . . .it’s probably going to be blamed on climate change! 044


It’s been a while . . . February 11, 2009

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So, been a while since I wrote anything apart from my blog ‘boast’ about lots of snow!!

What have I been doing? Well I had the joy (suprising joy at that!) of attending the Girls Brigade Leaders Rededication Meal where we were told about all theFerndales GB team work that has been going on acoss South East Essex which was so encouraging. It was also great to stand with all the other leaders and commit ourselves to serving the girls and being a witness to them. It made me realise that GB is so much more about the gospel than being a youth group. Also, I’ve been realising that the time we spend doing devotions is worth it. Although it appears sometime (well all the times!) that the girls aren’t really listening, I’ve had some really good conversations recently about things they have learnt and one girl is weighing up the truth of the gospel – what an encouragment!

However, it’s been a hard few weeks. I’ve been hit again and again with just how broken this world is. This world is completly broken and people are hurting all over.

I was reminded yesterday of a conversation I had with Pete during Lancaster Mission Week about this world and praying for Jesus to come back. I had thought for so long that God couldn’t be loving if Jesus came back before everyone I knew was saved!! And, the truth that not everyone I know will necessarily be saved is still hard but especially after being exposed again to the pain of this world I can truly say “Come Lord Jesus” but pray more earnestly for those I love and seek to tell them of the gospel.


Let it snow! February 2, 2009

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It has been a while since I updated my blog . . .not quite sure where the time has gone though. It doesn’t feel two minutes since I got back to the lovely south from Lancasters Mission week. Coming straight back like that really showed me the differences in student and church work with the issues that are faced – not making one better or worse than the other but that they both have difficulties and different pressures.

Anyway, as the whole country appears to be snowbound today thought I’d celebrate by showing you all some lovely photos of snowy Southend! And I will write properly again soon!!

Who has seen heavenly storehouses laden with snow”