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Where is the weatherman? February 12, 2009

Filed under: Update — Sarah @ 10:48 pm

So, this post is going to sound very British as it is all about the weather! But, I am confused about what the weatherman has been doing this week in Southend! Tuesday morning I awoke to reports that Southend was flooded but actually I saw nothing between my house, church, waitrose and so on . . . it turns about that Chelmsford was the flooded area not Southend.

And tonight, I have just watched the weatherman tell me its going to be cold but dry whilst watching snow fall quite heavily through the window!!!

Who knows what is going on . . .it’s probably going to be blamed on climate change! 044


One Response to “Where is the weatherman?”

  1. Andrew Mumford Says:

    Ever since Michael Fish’s insistance the night before the 1987 storm(where most of the trees in the south of England blew down) that no hurricane is going to hit the UK, most of us in the South have learned to ignore the weathermen.(By the way, shouldnt it be weatherperson?!)

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