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Potter versus Sculptor February 24, 2009

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So, as a Christian, I long to be more like Jesus and I know that one day that will be completed, when Jesus returns. But, in the mean time I still strive to become more Christlike and I know that God is doing that. There are things about me that I can see God has changed to bring them into line with his perfection (not saying that I am perfect in any way shape or form!)

But, in my head being made more like Christ was a good thing (which it most certainly is) but to use an illustration it was more like a potter shaping clay on a wheel, smooth, controlled and almost relaxing. Well it isn’t like that. We’re never told in the Bible that it is. We’re told that following Christ is not the easy option, it is hard and I’ve really noticed that over the past couple of weeks. As much as I do want to be changed, actually it’s hard, its painful and the only reason I’d choose it is because of the fact that the gospel is true! (Relay cheese yet actually reflecting an amazing gospel truth!). It’s not a gooey clay based shaping, its much more like a sculpter starting with a rectangle of concrete and chiselling it into something amazing. That sounds painful! It is. But, as a friend reminded me Romans 8:28 is still true. God will use this for his glory – through changing me into the likeness of his son, He will have the glory.


2 Responses to “Potter versus Sculptor”

  1. Emma Says:

    Great blog, will read more when I have time! xx

  2. anna Says:

    hey hun! enjoying the blogging and hearing all about what God is teaching you and doing in and through you. Keep going! Xx

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