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Final Moldova Prayer Requests July 13, 2009

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So here it is …. the final week!

14th July
Please continue to pray for the ongoing bible studies that the non Christian Moldovans students would be saved. Please also for inter team relations that relationships have been built up between the British and Moldova students. Please pray particularly for Lauren and Andrew S today.
15th July
The last day of camp! English students are heading home with Moldovan students over night! Pray for opportunities with the Moldovans, and the British students would really enjoy the time they have to see real ‘Moldova’. Please pray especially for Nathan and Jo, two British team members.
16th July
team reunited! All the British team meet back in Chisinau with the Moldovans that they have been staying with. We will enjoy a meal out together – a very rare treat for the Moldovans. Please pray for final opportunities with the Moldovans and for time to relax.
17th July
Today we have a Bible study in the morning, focusing on ‘Dwelling in God’s Word’ followed by Team Time debrief with time to explore Chisinau. Pray for time the team to reflect on camp, to see how they have grown and time to spend alone with God.
18th July
We have another team bible study in the morning and then we are off for a day out with the CSC staff! Please pray for encouragement of the CSC staff having fellow workers in the gospel around. Please pray for the continued work of CSC in Moldova as well as rest and relaxation for all of us.
19th July
We are visiting a local evangelical church this morning and will begin the (long!) journey home this afternoon. Please pray that we would be an encouragement to local evangelical Christians. Also pray for unity in the team as we have a long overnight mini bus journey to Bucharest (around 12 hours). Please pray for our safety.
20th July
We will arrive in Bucharest sometime in the morning and then we will have a short time in Bucharest before catching the plane to Luton, departing at 5pm and landing at 7.30pm UK time. Please pray for safety of people and luggage, rest for the next couple of days for the team members and that the team would spend time with God back in the UK.


Blogging from Moldova July 12, 2009

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So, I’m currently sat in my bedroom on camp, using a mobile internet – technology is amazing! Today is day 7 of camp and it has been really exciting. I’ll post more in deatil when I get back to the UK, but it is really exciting to see how one girl on the camp today has become a Christian and how many others are really seeming to count the cost! Exciting 🙂
This set in a context where Christians are appearing to get a hard time from the Government at the moment is even more exciting! (I’m quite excited . . .!)

There’s so much i’ve learnt and been seriously challenged on already this trip but ive not got time to go into it save to say that the gospel and God are so much bigger than I realised and that God is the God of all comfort and that joy is acheivable whatever situations you are in and that God is amazing in His plans!

I would say im off to sunbathe during my free time but sadly it is chucking it down . . . almost like being back in lancaster!!!

There may be another update before I get back but no promises!


Moldova Week Two Prayer Requests July 6, 2009

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Here’s week twos prayer requests. Thanks for praying guys!

7th July
Today is the first full day at camp and so our first bible study. Here is a brief look at how most days on camp will look:

Morning: UK team meeting, followed by breakfast. After a short introduction to the theme of the Bible study, we’ll split into Bible study groups. These are one hour long and will have about 10 people in them. After a short tea break, there will be English conversation classes for 90 minutes before lunch.
Afternoon: Begins with sport activities, free time or an excursion. Often there are team activities in later afternoon, or preparation time for English night!
Evening: After dinner, there are various forms of entertainment – including team presentations, English Night, Moldovan Night, a film, the banquet … etc.! Then off to bed after a busy day!
Please pray that we would be able to get to know our roommates (there is normally two English team in a room of 4-6 Moldovans). Please pray for the first study, that the English team wouldn’t be nervous and would be trusting in the power of the gospel and that the gospel would attract the non Christian Moldovans. Please also pray especially for the two male leaders, Peter and Matt today.
8th July
Today is the second bible study, so all those students who didn’t lead one yesterday will be doing so today. Please pray that there is no comparison going on within the team that could cause feelings of inadequacy. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be working in the hearts of the non Christian on camp to be the receptive to the gospel. Please pray especially today for Sarah, the female leader and Rebekah (Ebek).
9th July
Camp continues! By now it will be becoming the norm for us all! Please pray the Bible studies taking place that the language difference would not be a barrier to the gospel. Also, pray for Andrew W and Emma, two British team students.
10th July
Please pray for the Bible study groups taking place, that they would bond with one another and feel able to be themselves around each other. Pray especially for Toby and Nicole, two British team students. Please also pray for the CSC staff team which is depleted this year due to staff leaving and no suitable having yet been found – Albina, Rodica, Slavic and Tania.
11th July
Please pray for the Bible studies, that the Christian Moldova students would grow and learn more about Christ throughout camp. Please pray for the whole team, that even in our tiredness we would love one another. Pray for Hannah H and Jon, two British team members especially today.
12th July
Pray for the ongoing Bible studies, that the Moldovan students who are not Christians would understand more about Jesus and why he came. Please pray especially for Andy J, UCCF Relay Worker and Sally a British team member today.
13th July
Pray for the bible studies taking place, that the English students leading the studies would grow in knowledge and understanding of Christ as they seek to tell the Moldovans about Jesus. Today please pray especially for Shaun and Hannah R and Lisa, three British team members.