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Cancelled December 7, 2009

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“Hereby cancelled, voided, avoided, nullified, set aside and is of no further force and effect”

This is the BBC’s quote of the day for Thursday 26th November, it’s the quote of a judge deciding in favour of a couple who were set to lose their house because of debt. He ruled against the banks and scrapped the $500,000 debt as the banks were apparently unfair in their administration of the debt. The couple in question must have felt such a relief! They “went to court expecting to be evicted after interest and penalties on their mortgage took their debts to $500,000 (about £300,000). But as the bank had rejected their every attempt to settle the debt, the judge branded the bank “repulsive” and wiped their slate clean”. Totally clean!

Not a perfect picture, but nonetheless a reminder that our debt against God has totally been ripped up to. He’s said to me :

“Sarah your debt is hereby cancelled, voided, avoided, nullified, set aside and is of no further force and effect”.

And this is true for all who trust in Jesus 🙂 And my debt wasn’t unfair to begin with, I owed it but now I don’t – Jesus has paid the price!



Looking Back December 3, 2009

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Last weekend I was back in Preston for a friends (well two friends!) wedding, which was a great opportunity to catch up with lots of people. Also though, I found it really weird to be back in Preston. Preston was “home” to me for three years and I’ve now not lived there for nearly as long, so as the train was going through Preston and I saw my old lecture halls, my old flat and places once so familiar I got to thinking about how much I have changed and how I am not the same person that left Preston (which is a good thing!)

Seeing places evoked memories (good and bad) and the more I saw and thought, the more I realised that God has been changing me and as much as I didn’t want my time at uni and CU and church there to end, I’m really glad it did!

Maybe the above doesn’t make any sense to anyone else . . . sorry!

Also, found this video (through some facebooks statuses!) which kinda underlines the above! When I was on UClan CU committee, I grew to having some of these convictions but wouldn’t have verbalised them like this, or held them so strongly. It’s so great to see that the CU has grown in boldness and is totally set on the vision on “Living for Jesus and Speaking for Jesus” on their campus with a passion that is so strong! I am really passionate about CUs and how they can really impact their campuses with the gospel, but as a student I wasn’t that passionate about CU, because (to be honest) I was a little ashamed of the gospel. That’s why I’m now so excited to see a group of students at UCLan so passionate and holding firm to the truths of the gospel 🙂



Living on a prayer December 2, 2009

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So last night I was driving to Ferndales prayer meeting (which took a record 20 minutes! the joy of living next door to a football ground!) and Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” came on the radio.

The last time I remember listening to this song (because I’m sure I’ve listened to it hundreds of times in between!) was driving back from a Relay Training Day in Manchester. It was memorable because it was about five months into relay and therefore halfway through! But, also one of the things that Relay really taught me was to rely on God for everything . . . literally “living on a prayer”!

It was slightly bizarre, but great to be reminded of this in a secular song that really isn’t about relying on the amazing God of the universe for all things!