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Ten things I learnt this weekend May 24, 2010

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I had the absolute pleasure of spending last weekend with the Juniors (8-11’s) from Belle Vue Baptist’s Brigades. Thought I’d be different and update with a list of things I learnt. So in no particular order . . . .

1) Tents don’t have to be small and cramped (one person to a four man tent is very spacious!) and camping in good weather is actually kinda fun – though only if good weather and spacious tent can be guarnteed (with showers and toilets near by!)
2) Essex has pretty parts (which I forgot to photograph but trust me they exist!)
3) The basic truth of the gospel is something that we never move past, and the wonder of the awesomeness of it never passes
4) Kids are cleverer than I sometimes give them credit for. E.g. Me: Apart from Jesus does anyone know of anyone else who ever rose from the dead? It’s impossible isn’t it? 8 year old: What about Lazarus?
5) Kids really do get a lot of pleasure from a relatively small hill and find playing on it for 5 hours over the weekend perfectly acceptable fun.
6) I love the sun!
7) I hate being woken up at 4am by teenage girls talking thus only having 3 hours sleep.
8 ) Listening outside the girls tent when they’re having their midnight feast can be very enlightening!
9) I love Top Gear so much, the basis for my three sessions was inadvertantly based on the Top Gear cool wall . . . . !
10) God really does give us what we need, even in the situations where were convinced its the last thing we need. I was so tired going into the weekend I was convinced it wasn’t the best idea, but I’ve come back feeling physically shattered but completly refreshed and recharged in many ways. It’s awsome.

All in all a great weekend!



Sunny Days May 20, 2010

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So, I unexpectedly ended up with a couple of free hours yesterday afternoon so made the most of it by heading to by favourite spot in my favourite park to read one of the many books that’s been stacking up on my “to read” list.

The lucky book to make it off the list was “Why good arguments often fail” by James Sire. Now this is a book that I would probably never have chosen to read of my own free will thinking it looked quite dull and boring (I even had another book with me in case it was!). It wasn’t! I’m only 50 pages in at the moment but I am loving it.

He looks at the arguments that Christians and non Christians often put up for and against faith and doesn’t just dispell the truth or lie behnd each indiviual statement but looks at the underlying logic. It’s great and really thought provoking – if you’ve got time this summer give it a read!

Overall a feeling of joy that its warm enough to be outside reading, but sadness that I’ve got limited time left to hang out in my fave place!


One reason I’ll miss Essex May 12, 2010

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So, it’s not quite sunk in yet that I am leaving, but there’s the occasional moment when it does hit me.

Like this morning hearing the following joke on Essex radio and thinking how no other radio stations are going to be quite like Essex FM and Southend Radio . . . and strangely I am going to miss them – yay for listening online!!

Here it is . . .

“Is 10 Downing Street going to be demolished?”


“Because it has been con-dem ned”

I have to admit its the best election joke I’ve heard so far!


Boring Theology! May 9, 2010

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I came across this video on another blog, and really liked it! I’ve not read the book that it’s advertising, but the way in which it explains what theology actually is, is brilliant. As a student I thought theology was really boring – the bible was great, but studying equalled boredom!

Take a look . . . .


Some news . . . or not May 5, 2010

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I think that most people are now aware that I’m going to be staying in the south for the next 3 – 5 years at least (if not then I’m really sorry you’ve found out this way . . .unless of course you don’t know me!).

So, I’m going to be in the south, but not in Southend so have been feeling a complete mix of emotions at leaving Essex and still being in the South when quite a large proportion of me wanted to go home (aka the North in general). It’s clearly right though as every door to jobs in the North were firmly shut and southern ones kept being opened before they were even pushed! Though its looking like leaving Essex will be harder than I ever thought possible as so many times I’ve just wanted to run away to somewhere where they understand that gravy should be thick and the plural of text is texts and not texties! Not that I’ve hated Essex anywhere near as much as that sounds! I do actually genuinely love people here and love the way in which our relationships have grown.

So, looks like I’m destined to lose whats left of my Northern accent . . . I was informed by a 8 year old that I was no longer a real Northerner because she could understand what I was saying . . . gutting!