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Sunny Days May 20, 2010

Filed under: Christian Life — Sarah @ 2:38 pm
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So, I unexpectedly ended up with a couple of free hours yesterday afternoon so made the most of it by heading to by favourite spot in my favourite park to read one of the many books that’s been stacking up on my “to read” list.

The lucky book to make it off the list was “Why good arguments often fail” by James Sire. Now this is a book that I would probably never have chosen to read of my own free will thinking it looked quite dull and boring (I even had another book with me in case it was!). It wasn’t! I’m only 50 pages in at the moment but I am loving it.

He looks at the arguments that Christians and non Christians often put up for and against faith and doesn’t just dispell the truth or lie behnd each indiviual statement but looks at the underlying logic. It’s great and really thought provoking – if you’ve got time this summer give it a read!

Overall a feeling of joy that its warm enough to be outside reading, but sadness that I’ve got limited time left to hang out in my fave place!


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