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Friends January 9, 2011

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So yesterday and today I’ve had the great joy of hanging out with two (seperate) lovely lovely friends and I really don’t think there is a topic that we didn’t discuss in someway shape or form.

Yesterday hanging out in London we wandered, drunk coffee, ate some really good food in a lovely wine bar (and obviously drank good wine too!) and generally hung out in Leicester Square and Covent Garden. Living in Hatfield really is awesome for being able to get into central London in under 30 minutes. Especially as for the first 22 years of my life London was that kinda magical far away place that people go to for a weekend break – not just to pop into for the afternoon!

And today Liv came from London (oh the joy of living close enough for people to come for the day!) and we went to church – which was really encouraging today – looking at Exodus 1 and thinking about how that applies to us and why we need to be reading scripture more. Catching up with Liv was really encouraging – hearing about and seeing how God is working in her and using her with students in London was really great.

I have had a great weekend – that has felt really restful and almost like a mini break! Now back to work “properly” tomorrow (as Staff Conference was proper work just not normal work!)