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Coffee January 20, 2011

Filed under: Random — Sarah @ 7:35 pm

So, I’m sat writing this in my 3rd coffee shop of the day … It’s easy to see why it sometimes appear all I do is drink coffee. But the reason that my job isn’t a cafe’s mystery shopper (though that would be awesome!) is the things I do whilst in a coffee shop. That varies depending on where I am and who I’m with. But in the last few months I’ve used coffee shops as a venue for prep, meeting students to chat over many issues, meeting committees, meeting church leaders, meeting students to study the bible one to one or in a small group, planning a mission trip for next summer, meeting my boss and so much more I’m sure. I love that the UK is catching up with the coffee shop culture and that they are open later and later! I’m currently sat preparing a talk for next week whilst waiting for CU to start in Hatfield – if the cafe wasn’t still open I’d not be anywhere near as comfortable or drinking lovely tea (two coffee shops today have really taken care of my caffeine needs!)