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Organisational Bliss January 23, 2011

Filed under: Foody Things — Sarah @ 3:04 pm
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I’m normally not that organised when it comes to keeping things in jars or cupboards tidy, but after being covered in icing sugar one time too many this week (which is really hard to get out especially when you’re running late!) due dire cupbaord organisation I took a trip to Dunelm Mill yesterday afternoon and now all my (cupboard) problems are sorted. Ahh!


2 Responses to “Organisational Bliss”

  1. Emma Says:


    Have to confess to a bit of organisational envy here..our pasta is currently making a bid for freedom across the cupboard. If you’re ever bored and feel the need to do some more decluttering, you have an open invite


  2. Sarah Says:

    I am in love with the Kilner jars (is it wrong to love them that much?!).
    I don’t expect that I’ll have another need to tidy until about 2020 . .. I’ll let you know. (though I should probably tell you that my cupboards still have icing sugar over them…other things are now in pretty jars!)

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