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Oversleeping January 24, 2011

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Of all the mornings to oversleep this morning wasn’t the best choice. My car was due for an MOT at 8.30 which meant leaving the house at 8. Not too impossible. Slightly more impossible at 8.28 when you wake up to find your house in a power cut (or run out of electric credit because it was your turn to get electric and you forgot – again!). Cue trying to remember how to add emergency credit, find some clothes, pack some work to take and get dressed. Amazingly out of the house by 8.34 (that’s my personal best!) and get to garage at 8.47. Wait for five minutes then find out they can’t do the test until 10:45! Bring on 4 and a half hours of Morrisons cafe doing work. All that, for the car to fail it’s MOT. Gutting. Oversleeping is not good!