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Exclusive January 28, 2011

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In a couple of weeks I’m heading to Edinburgh to help out with the CU mission week at Queen Margaret’s and I’ll be doing a lunchtime talk on “How can a God of love be so exclusive”. It’s got me thinking about exclusivity and whether that’s a good or a bad thing? How do I react to things which are exclusive?

Sadly I think we all want to be in the “in crowd” to some degree and that means shutting people out. Too often I try to make the call of whether or not people are good enough to benefit from the “exclusive” gospel that has saved me. Yet, I’m not worthy of the gospel – no one is. I just try to think that I am.


One Response to “Exclusive”

  1. Cat Says:

    Its amazing really that people think God is exclusive and yet he really isnt – the Gospel is generous and is for everyone. We were looking at Acts 8 on Thursday and looked at how the Gospel is Global – its for everyone, its for the foreign Eunich that would be cut off from Gods people, its for the international student on campus, its for the outside who doesnt fit in, its the british student etc… The Gospel is for everyone!

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