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Why it’s ok to stay in bed in mission week February 9, 2011

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We listened to this talk at Bedford CU’s meeting last night and I loved it. The title made me a little be sceptical . . . I mean it would be gutting if the whole CU stayed in bed for mission week. But after listening to it – if the reasons my CU’s stay in bed are the biblical ones that John lays out then that’s fine!

It was really good to be reminded that we don’t do mission to make a name for ourselves, to impress other people or to impress God. We do mission because God chooses to share His glory with us. What a privelege, and a timely reminder that in mission weeks I’m not trying to prove my worth or how good I am to anyone – especially not God as He has done everything for me.

Even if you’re not involved in student CU missions, it’s well worth a listen because in terms of evangelism it’s something that we all need reminding of!


The end of the month

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So, the blogging every day for a month thing is over (well it was officailly over couple of days ago and realistically over a couple of days before that!). It’s been fun. I’m glad to be back in the blogosphere and I think I’ll stay!

So thanks Ellie and Cat for the encouragement and to the rest of you that read this (and have contributed to the 703 hits in January! Amazing!)