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some ramblings and reflections on working with students in Herts and Beds.

New technology fail March 30, 2011

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I was hoping that the arrival of my fancy new phone would mean that I would be blogging more but alas that appears not be so (mainly because I can’t use it!) Hopefully seeing the lovely Ellie at New Word Alive in a week or so will help me get better at it…!

Not much is new – crazy mission season is over and life seems fairly tame in comparison. It’s a real joy getting to know the new committees and dream big dreams and pray big prayers for their campuses over the next year. Seeing their excitement is great.

Even though life has been calmer recently, I found myself needing to remind myself of the gospel more than ever. In my daily reading plan (which I have managed to master on my new phone) I had the following the other day:

You, LORD, will keep the needy safe
and will protect us forever from the wicked,
who freely strut about
when what is vile is honored by the human race. Psalm 12:7-8

After three mission weeks in the space of a month I felt really needy. Hearing the gospel consistently and faithfully preached made me more and more aware of my own sin and failures and at times the gospel really did seem foolishness in my eyes. Compared with the world around us, the way people live and what they worship and value, the gospel seemed so frail.  And yet the amazing truth of the gospel is that the Lord will keep the needy safe, and the gospel is powerful. So powerful it recognises that humans will honour vile things over what is good. But God is still good, and still God.


Love Wins? March 22, 2011

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So, I’ve been following some of the debates about this book and have been thinking about writing something myself but decided not to as I don’t think I have anything very new or helpful to say on the topic that someone else isn’t already saying, clearer, more concise and more helpfully! I’ve still not read the book, but am keen to to check it out for myself, but in the meantime, have a read of Dave Bish’s reflections (he’s read the book!).

He sums up my thoughts after watching the promo video and the Q and A launch session with this phrase “He constantly asks questions and rarely answers them which while provocative is a bit annoying. He asks some really good questions but I’m rarely satisfied with the choices he makes in answering them”. That sums up how I feel about it – a little frustrated about what Rob is actually saying as he seems to be trying to be contraversial and evasive at the same time – the result: feeling a little bit like I’m trying to nail jelly to the wall whilst trying to work out what he’s saying!

But head over and read Dave’s thoughts…


Some good music March 17, 2011

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One of the things I love about my job is the chance to go to the national training week for CU leaders from across the UK in September. This year we sang some really good songs, including two songs written by Olly Knight a fellow staff worker down in Canterbury and sung and performed by different UCCF people.  They’ve just been released onto the itunes chart this week and I’m really enjoying listening to them . . . here’s the videos!


Waking up from a deep sleep March 14, 2011

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Today is March 14th. March 14th!

The last time I took much notice of the date was February 13th. That means that for the last month I feel like I’ve been in a bubble that’s just not quite connected to the real world. A bubble that includes 3 Uni mission weeks and a training weekend for new CU leaders. That’s kept me rather busy and caused various levels of exhaustion (as well loads of encouragements of seeing CUs stand boldly on their campuses for Christ, and seeing non believers think about and wrestle with questions of truth)

However, to celebrate a return to the outside world, a couple of friends and I ventured into lovely (sunny!) St Albans to be tourists for the day today . . here’s some pictures…. (and return to the real world hopefully means the blogging world too!)


Grace March 3, 2011

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I’ve  been lucky to work alongside some reallygracious people of the last couple of weeks – old and new friends alike and it’s really modelled to me what grace looks like in certain situations. When mission week is not properly planned and things go wrong – what does it look like to love the people involved graciously and not condemn but encourage?

I so quickly forget the goodness of grace and just how boundless and free it is.

Grace is amazing, and I’m really praying that through God’s power I can model salvation by grace alone to the students I work with.


The best job in the world March 2, 2011

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So, my good intentions to post twice a week have clearly gone to the home of all good intentions and not materialised…sorry about that!

I’m currently at Bedford CUs mission for the week – what an encouragement it has been. The CU here is small (15 out of 8000 students) but they’ve created such a presence and there’s been so many oppurtunities to speak of Jesus in the last couple of days.

My highlight so far (it’s tough to call as there have been so many!) has been the lunchbars (apologetic lunchtime talks) that have been going on. They’ve been happening in a room that is the only room in the SU which we have sole use of (mainly) which is right in the centre of campus. Each day we;ve had people come along, ask questions and want to think about the message of Jesus. Yesterday we had people coming to peer in the door because they wanted to know what was going on, on campus and had a group of girls stay for 3 hours to discuss Jesus and think what Christianity would mean for them.

The CU has done a remarkable thing here, created community on a campus where there is none. There isn’t a student bar or anywhere on campus for people to socialise and so the CU have managed to create that and proclaim Jesus at the same time.

It’s a real privilege to work alongside these students, to proclaim the gospel of grace to their campus.

I could speak of so much more but right now I’m a little sleep deprived so that’ll come another time! For now, here’s a photo of the CU flyering (well’s artistic!).