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Burscough Wharf April 27, 2011

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Spent a lovely bank holiday weekend in Preston with some uni friends and on Monday afternoon we drove past Burscough Wharf and stopped just because it looked so pretty…we weren’t disappointed! Burscough itself is decked out in union jacks this week (something to do with a wedding?!) and along with the sunshine it felt like a lovely summery British afternoon. And as well as that … there was a Cath Kidstonesque tea room with the most amazing knitted tea cosies and home made cakes. Amazing!  They had a great range of tea – I had a “Chocolate Abyss” which was amazing and not  sickly like I thought it may be! What was also great, was the fact that my friend and I had ordered two seperate teas (she chose a very citrus-y Lady Grey) and we both got an entire 8 cup teapot full … for £2 each! What a bargain! And yes, I did finish the entire pot! The perfect way to spend an afternoon with a good friend and to start feeling patriotic for the Royal Wedding.

The only downside to this place is that it’s nowhere near Hatfield, but if you’re up in the Preston/Liverpool area it’s well worth a visit! There’s also some craft shops, an old fashioned sweet shop, pottery painting and some other shops around and it right on the canal so loads to do.

This was my favourite tea cosy and the tea was infused with chocolate … so good!

The cutest little tea room!


Beautiful day!