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Other people’s blogs May 28, 2011

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I love reading other peoples blogs! There’s links to the ones I read on the right hand side. Many of them are friends and colleagues. In fact four of us were sharing a room last time we were on a work conference together and it was great to chat about our own blogs and other ones that we all enjoy. Turns out we all love Emma’s blog for many reasons (even though none of us know her in real life), not least the way she tackles issues that so often aren’t talked about, in a really down to earth and genuine way. One of the things that Ellie, Cat, Emily and I were chatting about was being able to make sure that on our blogs weren’t not painting a picture of us that isn’t accurate, trying to make ourselves look great. I think Emma is a great example of being honest – give her blog a read. It’s really refreshingly honest and biblical.

And check out Ellie and Cat too – always a good thought provoking read. And Emily is a new blogger so let’s up her hits to encourage more posts but do check out her photos page to see some lovely Norfolk! 🙂

So, this was a post to big up some other people you should go and read! Enjoy!


“Do all things without grumbling or questioning” May 27, 2011

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I’m working through Philippians with a friend from church at the moment (though predicted end date is somewhere near to December at this rate..!) but last week we got to the second half of chapter two.

The thing that really struck us both was this verse: “do all things without grumbling or questioning”. For me it was a real challenge as grumbling really is culturally acceptable in the UK. We grumble about the weather, we grumble about public transport, we even grumble about people grumbling! But as Christians we are clearly commanded not to do so. The context here is really key (as always!). Paul has just described exactly what Jesus was willing to lay aside for us – without any grumbling at all – and he’s moving on to talk about what that looks like in everyday life. And the shock I guess. is that he doesn’t say “Look what Jesus did for you – go on and do something good for him”. No, the application is for us to not grumble. Wow. It seems so little and yet as Emily and I started chatting about what not grumbling would mean in our lives it became clear that it would make a huge difference.

Not grumbling about a student being late for a meeting (suprisingly some stereotypes are true!), or grumbling that it’s raining once again really would chage our attitudes to life. But, Paul doesn’t just want us to have a nicer quality of life, he wants us not to grumble so that we will be blameless and pure children of God. Now, that in and of itself isn’t going to make us pure and blameless in God’s eyes, no that’s what Jesus does for us. But, the way in which we live is to reflect the goodness of the gospel.

So that’s my challenge . To not grumble but to rejoice in the goodness and truth of the gospel. Wha t that looks like totally I’m not too sure as I don’t think it means not saying anything negative but actually it’s the attitude behind it. I’ll be trying to work it out so feel free to be anti British and join me – and to point out where my grumbling is still in existence!


How to tell I’m a Northerner at heart May 26, 2011

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No, it’s not by my accent anymore (which is very sad!), it’s not even by the fact I love meat and potato pies (which seem impossible to find in the south!), nor by my real love of chips with gravy and mushy peas. No, today the thing that makes me northern is the real joy of staring out the window at this view…

Rain! Real Rain (which this photo really doesn’t do justice to!)! We’ve not had any down here for a good month (ie I’ve owned my new car for 4 weeks and not had to use the windscreen wipers yet!). So when the torrential rain/thunder storm started I smiled, grabbed my fleecy blanket and settled back to doing my admin feeling a lot more energised. I love the rain – how could I not when I grew up in a town where it literally seemed to rain daily. Oh how I’ve missed it .. now to dig out my umbrella!


It’s not the end of the world May 23, 2011

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You may be aware that the world was meant to end this weekend according to Harold Camping. Clearly it didn’t but as Christians there really are some challenges there. Campings followers literally gave up all that they had because they truly believed they would be with Jesus by 6pm Saturday evening. I totally and fully believe that Jesus will come back one day soon and yet many things I hold in a clenched fist desperate to keep hold of it. Ellie has written some really helpful thoughts on this as well.

It’s sad to see the damage that has been done to these people by clearly false teaching, but yet if I truly believe this then why am I so slow to leave everything behind for the sake of Christ?


All I Have is Christ May 17, 2011

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One of the real highlights of New Word Alive for me this year was singing with hundreds and thousands of other people from around the UK. One of the songs we sung was “All I Have is Christ” by Jordan Kauflin. I love the words and how they go through from being “lost in darkest night” to praising God for saving us. I came across this video today which shows these things really clearly – and shows the stark potential consequences of it…have a look at it


A ray of sunshine May 13, 2011

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Sat at the CU bbq for the campus this evening I spotted this sight… Really reminded me that even when things feel dark and gloomy the sun is still shining as bright as ever! Same with God even when it appears all is gloomy God is as mightily and powerful as ever.

Reminded me as well of the lyrics to ‘you are our hope’ that we sang at new word alive. It starts: ‘comfort for weary sinners, strength for the struggling saint ….. Jesus Christ has risen from the dead!’



Loving the flags! May 9, 2011

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This is a bit of a test post as much as anything. A day off work sick has given me the opportunity to sort something out I’ve been meaning to do for ages…work out how to blog from my phone. So if you’re reading this – it worked! And there’s a much higher chance of regular blogs. If not then I’m literally writing to myself….oh wells! One of the things I’ve been loving over the past few weeks is seeing the union jack being flown proudly pretty much everywhere. It has been really lovely to see. My favourite was whilst shopping in ASDA …. It really has been good to be British for once!