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Accepted May 22, 2012

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I missed out on New Word Alive this year, so missed out on this absolute gem of a video on justification. We often make it a complex doctrine, yet this video explains it so simply!


God’s Good Gifts – 20th May May 20, 2012

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As I write this, I’m on day three of being sofa bound full of a horrible bug. My first thought was that I have nothing to write on this weeks post … then i thought that just maybe, this is an ideal time to remind myself of the things that are good! So here goes:

1) Health – ironic eh? But being sofabound has made me realise that so often I take my good health for granted!

2) Pink and Whites – warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds they are currently my most favourite food. There’s something about the simplicity of wafers and marshmallow that is an awesome comfort food.

3) Virgin Catch Up TV – hours and hours of convalescing entertainment!


books and tea! May 19, 2012

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I have no idea if this really is a CS Lewis quote, but I like the sentiment and the fact that 3 of my favourite things are all linked together!


Arty students resource! May 16, 2012

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I have a confession to make before we continue on … here goes: I know pretty much nothing about art. I sometimes do visit galleries and wonder what on earth it is that I’m meant to be looking at! But I do know some lovely people that do know things about art. And many of them have patiently spent time explaining things about art to me over the past couple of years. And the more I’ve heard the mroe interesting it becomes. A couple of my arty friends are Craig and Sarah. They work with art students in Scotland and London (respectively), and have a blog full to the brim of posts, talks, details of events and other arty related links. So whether you’re an art student or just want to think a bit more about how to engage with art (like me!) then head over and take a look!


Rule Britannia! May 15, 2012

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Met a friend for dinner this evening on Regent Street (a benefit of living just half hour out of central London!), and was thrilled to see the Union flag (according to my Mum it’s only the Union Jack when flying on a ship…who knew?) flying all the way down Regent Street and Oxford Street. It made me feel a teensy bit proud to be British!

Rule Britannia!

possibly the most stereotypical picture of London I could have taken!


God’s Good Gifts – 13th May May 13, 2012

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Somehow it’s been over a week and even though this challenge is only into it’s second week, I’m finding it hard to do! But nevertheless, this is the lasts weeks round up of God’s good gifts…

1) Halloumi and Nando’s garlic sauce – this taste sensation during Relay supervision on Tuesday, was a real reminder that not only did God give us food which is varied and can taste amazing (seriously don’t judge it til you’ve tried it!), but that he’s provided me with money to go buy food when I want it.

2) The M6 Toll – I was up North visiting family this weekend and although the motorway wasn’t mega busy on the way home, there was something relaxing about only being able to see three other cars on the road. And the M6 toll services are nice!

3) Handwritten letters  – In this age of digital communication there is something so nice about getting a letter from someone you talk to on the phone at least once a week, in a beautiful homemade  card.


Cheats guide to a showstopper cake! May 8, 2012

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Over the last couple of years I have become a little bit obsessed with baking – shows like the Great British Bake Off have made it seem so simple to produce amazng cakes easily. Alas, I do not yet own a Kitchen Aid (which obviously will solve all of my kitchen problems), do not have a huge kitchen in a marquee and don’t have an entire day to dedicate to one cake. This hasn’t deterred me from baking, but has made me very selective over the reciepes that I choose to even to attempt. The Hummingbird bakery carrot cake is a fave as it always turns out looking great (even without the marzipan carrots which are very fiddly and annoying – but the only photo I can find is from the day I spent hours making tiny carrots!), but it’s pretty high on the faff scale – grating 300g of carrots takes a while!

So, for church-weekend-away-at-home-garden-party-indoors-because-of-the-rain, on Sunday I branched out and tried a new cake … and it is literally the easiest cake to make in the world! It’s called a Blueberry Soured Cream Cake, and I pretty much followed the receipe on the good food website, but used frozen blueberries to bake into the cake (so much cheaper). It takes minutes to mix, no hand mixer required, and yet looks and tastes like it took hours!