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God’s good gifts … 5th May May 5, 2012

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I have a feeling that although this is a new blogging venture, it’s not necessarily going to be easy to pinpoint the things from within the last week that have been God’s good gifts! And yet, I know there’s thousands, from each breath to unexpected contact from the wider Christian family.

So, after great thought and mind wracking, here’s this weeks top three!

1) Coffee – stereotypical of a Christian worker I know. The day before my stepdad died, back in February, he and my mum brought down an old espresso machine which had been gathering dust in their attic. Sadly he died before he ever got to see the pleasure that a shot of espresso brings me on a rainy morning, but now each time my day starts with coffee, it starts with the memory of a man whom I miss.
2) My new(ish)-to-me car – driving a car that doesn’t feel like it’s head gasket is about to blow and that isn’t helping me to know the local Kwik Fit guys better, is a dream. Add in central locking and power steering and I’m set!
3) Church Family – I feel really blessed to be part of a church family who truly care. Who ask me how I am, and expect more than ‘fine’, who keep asking how I am and more than anything invite me in to share their lives. Not just on a Sunday, but seven days a week.