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Probably July 27, 2012

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Do you every catch yourself saying one or two words repeatedly? Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that I use the words ‘think’ and probably way too much (I’ve just deleted a ‘think’ from this post already!)

And, it’s not down to a lack of vocabulary that I overuse these words. I’ve realised that each time I use ‘probably’ or ‘think’ when I’m talking about myself, it’s to lessen the impact of what I’m saying. So, if I say ‘I probably spend too much time reading other peoples blogs’, I mean that I definitely do spend too long reading other peoples blogs, but the world probably there sanitises it somewhat.

And so, from now on, I’m aiming to cut them from my vocab. I want to be honest about myself and struggles and what God’s teaching me, without putting in the safety blanket. So, if you catch me saying them – call me on it!

What words do you overuse?