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Why I love Sunday School (and proof that the Bible isn’t true – according to a 12 year old!) March 8, 2010

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Yesterday’s sunday school was the most enjoyable for quite a while . . mainly because of the words that came out of the 12 year olds mouths. Such as:

– “I wouldn’t hug Gordon Brown coz he’s ugly” (it was linked to the lesson!)
– “Those two there, are they married?” (Pointing to a pictures of the Queen and Gordon Brown)

And my personal favourite . . . .

12 year old – “So, people wrote the Bible like 2000 years ago”
Me – “Yes”
12 year old – “And they didn’t have computers back then did they?”
Me – “No”
12 year old – “Well, the bible is clearly not real then is it because it’s typed and there’s no way that people could have written it typed like that all those years ago, so the Bible is just all made up”
Me – speechless . . .

Love it!