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Seeing the light March 8, 2013

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Cambridge is one of the most beautiful cities I get to go to regularly with work, and so when I saw these postcards of the rather less beautiful aspects I had to buy them for some friends. The stark contrast between being stood in Cambridge was huge! And as I’m sat writing them this evening and thinking about my week there’s loads of things that could feature in the black and white view highlighting the rubbish stuff. And they’re so easy to see but there’s also the colour, the friends, fun, love and grace that have characterised various points. The colour that can be so easily missed. So here’s to enjoying the colour more and being reminded once again of the all the daily blessings – starting with my daffodils which were buds this morning but now are in full bloom!



God’s Good Gifts – 24th June June 24, 2012

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It’s late (for a school night anyway!) so I’ll keep this brief today…

1) Enjoying God and Life – another Yvonne Lyon song has inspired me greatly this weekend (I promise I’m NOT on commission..honestly!) This one is called ‘Enjoy not Endure’ and it’s like she can see inside my soul! I can’t find any link to her songs, but you can listen to a preview here. The line “recognise and mourn the days that never will return, for you were made for greater things than living with regret” really sums it up. Beautiful gospel truth wrapped up in beautiful music.

2) A travelling cake tin – I’ve been away again this weekend so being greeted by a friends husband bearing a cake tin full of brownies she’d sent for me was amazing. She originally made me cake in the tin, I returned it to her when her children were ill with rocky road and now it’s come back to me. I think this a tradition to keep on doing!

3) “It’s about faith not biology” – the reminder at church this evening from John 19, that our churches really are family


God’s Good Gifts – 17th June 2012 June 17, 2012

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We’re back with the list this week…

1) Seeing God at work – I’ve been away at the final Relay training conference this week, where all of the Relay workers do a 3 minute presentation summing up their year. It was such a privilege to hear snippets of people’s experiences of God’s goodness over the last ten months. So many of them were able to clearly testify to God’s goodness when things were tough, and of the ways in which God has been changing them into the likeness of His Son over the last year.

2) Church Family – this evening my church family spend a chunk of time specifically praying for me and the summer team I’m leading. I’m feeling so many stresses and worries about the trip, so to be surrounded with people who love me, praying for and with me, upholding me is a real joy and a real reminder that church really is family.

3) A Heavenly Father – I’m so thankful today especially, that I have a caring, loving Heavenly Father who loves me so much he sent Jesus to take my punishment so I could be in a relationship with him. That’s nothing like my experience of earthly fatherhood, but it is my experience of my Father God.


God’s Good Gifts – 3rd June June 3, 2012

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I had every intention of catching up on last week’s God’s Good Gifts, but somehow it never happened – mainly due to being away 10 days out of 13(!). But here’s this weeks…

1) Forgiveness – there’s been a couple of times this week that I’ve needed to apologise to people, and both times I convinced myself that I’d messed up so badly they’d never forgive me –  and yet both times I was met with gracious loving forgiveness. What an awesome picture of the gospel.

2) Baking – it may because I’ve been reading ‘Meals with Jesus’, but there is something lovely about throwing in lots of very different ingredients and getting cake out of it!

3) Free Starbucks – a very long (and not that interesting story!) resulted in queue jumping privileges and a free ‘Royal Mint’ frappuccino. Winner!

4) Relay Workers – getting to hang out with the lovely East Central Relays for a couple of days this week was a real blessing – not only some amazing bible teaching, but a lot of fun and banter and life sharing. I will miss them!


God’s Good Gifts – 20th May May 20, 2012

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As I write this, I’m on day three of being sofa bound full of a horrible bug. My first thought was that I have nothing to write on this weeks post … then i thought that just maybe, this is an ideal time to remind myself of the things that are good! So here goes:

1) Health – ironic eh? But being sofabound has made me realise that so often I take my good health for granted!

2) Pink and Whites – warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds they are currently my most favourite food. There’s something about the simplicity of wafers and marshmallow that is an awesome comfort food.

3) Virgin Catch Up TV – hours and hours of convalescing entertainment!