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Seeing the light March 8, 2013

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Cambridge is one of the most beautiful cities I get to go to regularly with work, and so when I saw these postcards of the rather less beautiful aspects I had to buy them for some friends. The stark contrast between being stood in Cambridge was huge! And as I’m sat writing them this evening and thinking about my week there’s loads of things that could feature in the black and white view highlighting the rubbish stuff. And they’re so easy to see but there’s also the colour, the friends, fun, love and grace that have characterised various points. The colour that can be so easily missed. So here’s to enjoying the colour more and being reminded once again of the all the daily blessings – starting with my daffodils which were buds this morning but now are in full bloom!



Probably July 27, 2012

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Do you every catch yourself saying one or two words repeatedly? Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that I use the words ‘think’ and probably way too much (I’ve just deleted a ‘think’ from this post already!)

And, it’s not down to a lack of vocabulary that I overuse these words. I’ve realised that each time I use ‘probably’ or ‘think’ when I’m talking about myself, it’s to lessen the impact of what I’m saying. So, if I say ‘I probably spend too much time reading other peoples blogs’, I mean that I definitely do spend too long reading other peoples blogs, but the world probably there sanitises it somewhat.

And so, from now on, I’m aiming to cut them from my vocab. I want to be honest about myself and struggles and what God’s teaching me, without putting in the safety blanket. So, if you catch me saying them – call me on it!

What words do you overuse?


Harry Potter and the Final Supervision June 25, 2012

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Today was my final supervision with my lovely Relay workers. It has been a real joy to supervise them and see how God has been working in their lives and through them in the CUs this year. They’ve been so much fun to work alongside and become really great friends as well! To celebrate the end of the year we went to the Harry Potter studio! It was amazing. If you’re thinking of going, then do it! It was lovely to do something really fun together … I think end of year team days at the end of this week will be the sob-by bit of saying goodbye – today was just the fun!

Enjoy a little taste of our day!

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Being a Record Breaker June 4, 2012

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At the time of writing it’s still to be confirmed, but yesterday I was part of Morecambe’s record breaking longest ever street party down the promenade . It was wet, windy and freezing, and yet a lovely time to be proud to be British, and Northern! As well as breaking a world record! Here’s some pictures…

and, last but not least – my picture from todays Daily Telegraph!


Rule Britannia! May 15, 2012

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Met a friend for dinner this evening on Regent Street (a benefit of living just half hour out of central London!), and was thrilled to see the Union flag (according to my Mum it’s only the Union Jack when flying on a ship…who knew?) flying all the way down Regent Street and Oxford Street. It made me feel a teensy bit proud to be British!

Rule Britannia!

possibly the most stereotypical picture of London I could have taken!


The best encouragement! October 8, 2011

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The last week has had more than it’s fair share of discouraging moments and so by yesterday evening I was ready to go to bed and watch West Wing, and heading to a prayer supporters evening seemed quite a lot of effort. But however much fun West Wing would have been, meeting with the local prayer supporters group was so much better!

They’re a group that have been meeting for a number of years and is mainly made up of graduates from the 1950s. It was a real great encouragemnt to share with them some of the discouraging moments and to hear their prayers. Joining to pray for the mission on campus with people who have been supporters of the work for 60 years was amazing. Their knowledge and wisdom shone through in the prayers and in our conversation.

It was great to hear of their experiences of CU as students and the way in which the Lord was working and using the CUs then. The differences beteween the student life back then and now was so evident, and yet CUs were being used by God then and now.

I cam away from the meeting being so glad that I had been there, and so thankful for all of those who faithfully pray for the work of CUs. Thank you if that’s you! It means a lot!


Other people’s blogs May 28, 2011

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I love reading other peoples blogs! There’s links to the ones I read on the right hand side. Many of them are friends and colleagues. In fact four of us were sharing a room last time we were on a work conference together and it was great to chat about our own blogs and other ones that we all enjoy. Turns out we all love Emma’s blog for many reasons (even though none of us know her in real life), not least the way she tackles issues that so often aren’t talked about, in a really down to earth and genuine way. One of the things that Ellie, Cat, Emily and I were chatting about was being able to make sure that on our blogs weren’t not painting a picture of us that isn’t accurate, trying to make ourselves look great. I think Emma is a great example of being honest – give her blog a read. It’s really refreshingly honest and biblical.

And check out Ellie and Cat too – always a good thought provoking read. And Emily is a new blogger so let’s up her hits to encourage more posts but do check out her photos page to see some lovely Norfolk! 🙂

So, this was a post to big up some other people you should go and read! Enjoy!