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Things (& people) I’m going to miss August 5, 2008

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I have quite successfully managed to ignore the fact that I am leaving Lancaster in just two weeks time! As one of my friends would put it, I’ve developed Ostrich syndrome. But yesterday, I was just at my friend Kate’s house, not doing anything out of the ordinary really, watching a film. And that’s when it hit me that I was moving. That in two weeks time, I won’t be able to just pop over the Kate’s to watch a film, to play hide and seek with Ben or just chill out and that really upset me!

It’s not just Kate either, there’s so many people that I am going to miss being able to just pop over and visit and spend time with. This made me realise what it is that I’m really going to miss when I move – the fact that I have so many friends here who know me so well. People who are always available for a fizzy Vimto or brew! And I will make new friends in Southend, I’m just feeling sad for the way in which all of my Northern friendships are going to have to change because I am so blessed to have so many good, close friends up here.

One of my favourite places in Lancaster

One of my favourite places in Lancaster

Last night I was thinking this through and remembered something which Jason Clarke had said at Relay 3 about moving on which is that human beings by nature are always going to change. For someone who hates change as much as me that wasn’t something I liked to hear! But, what he said next really helps – that God never changes. A few people have said things like God is still the God of Southend which I have known before but it’s so reassuring to know that I can move knowing that my relationship with God is still going to be exactly the same. Nothing about it will change.

So when I get to the top of my road and see the fantastic view over to the Lake District, walk up and sit in the park by the Ashton Memorial, or play hide and seek with Ben for one of the last times before I move, or say goodbye to yet another friend, knowing that God is never changing no matter how much my life changes is amazingly reassuring.

And, at least I will no longer have to walk up the horrendous hill known as East Road everyday!!