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Strange Southend Things #2 October 7, 2008

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2) This wasn’t one of the original things that I was going to include in my list but giving directions is weird around here! Now, it could be that this is much more of a Ferndale thing than a Southend thing, although a Southender did say it was a Southend thing, but trying to get directions to the house where my house group is tonight included the following responses:
               – go to a crossroads on the street and the house is there on the right (not helpful for so many reasons!)
               – it’s on this street and it always has a certain colour parked outside
Now, bearing in mind this street is quite long and has a lot of houses on it I wasn’t getting very far! But, no-one really uses house numbers around here or addresses. They just direct by ‘well known’ things! So so strange!