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Some good music March 17, 2011

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One of the things I love about my job is the chance to go to the national training week for CU leaders from across the UK in September. This year we sang some really good songs, including two songs written by Olly Knight a fellow staff worker down in Canterbury and sung and performed by different UCCF people.  They’ve just been released onto the itunes chart this week and I’m really enjoying listening to them . . . here’s the videos!


Build This House January 8, 2009

Was searching on youtube for a song that we are adding to the Ferndale Song Supplement, and came across this song . It’s by Lou Fellingham (from her album Treasure) and I heard her singing it when she was lauching her album at Forum 06(?) and loved it then. But, today listening to the lyrics was a bit of a challenge. I’ve pasted them below:lou-fellingham

All I am and all I have is yours
There’s nothing that I have on earth
that doesn’t come from you
I lay aside my pride and worldly wealth
To serve You is the greatest thing
that I could ever do

For unless you build this house
I am building it in vain
Unless the work is yours
There is nothing to be gained
I want something that will stand
When your Holy fire comes
Something that will last
And to hear you say well done
Giving glory to you Lord
Glory to you Lord

So easy to desire what others have
Instead of seeing all the gifts that
You have given me
So help me fan the flame
which you began
And burn in me a love for you
that all will clearly see

(c) 2005 Thankyou Music/The Livingstone Collective

The first verse was particulary apt for me today. Had an interesting meeting with the Council earlier this week and was trying to explain what I did and how payment worked (which is slightly weird to be fair) but they just couldn’t work it out at all. They didn’t get (and I quote) why someone with a University degree would choose to work for no money.  The only way in which what I am doing makes any sense whatsoever is in the gospel. Laying down everything that I have and acknowledging that however I earn money “there’s nothing that I have on earth that doesn’t come from  [God]” and knowing that “To serve [God] is the greatest thing that I could ever do”. Now I’ve learnt that that is so much easier to say than do over the past eighteen months or so especially! But I remain completly convinced that it is the truth and that there is nothing is on this earth that I want more than my relationship with God.

The chorus, was what initially struck me today though.” For unless you build this house I am building it in vain, Unless the work is yours, There is nothing to be gained” Now, I am quite convinced that  this isn’t actually about house building . . . but that actually unless God is in the work that we all do as Christians,  then it is being built in vain. It won’t last. This is such a challenge for me. I know intellectually that we need to pray to ask God to work and that he is majestic and powerful and he will work for his glory in so many situations where we think it is impossible, yet time after time after time, I don’t pray and think  (very mistakenly) that I can do things without him! But the bible teaches, as this song reflects, that  things done in our lives on earth will be destroyed by God’s holy fire unless done with and for him.

Therefore, I want God to help me build this house, my life, my ministry, my everything so that glory is given to him and that one day I will hear him say “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23)