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Germany! December 15, 2008

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full minibusSo. this has taken a while to come, but as most of you will know I was in Germany in November with a minibus full of people from Ferndale for a weekend trip o support Rudi and Doreen at their inductin service at their church in Wesel. A total of 18 hours in a minibus with a group of people is a definite bonding experience!

We left nice and early on Saturday morning (8.42 am as I was ‘late’ although being told 8.30am for 9am justifies me I think!). The journey to Wesel was quite uneventful . . .amazingly suprising to say we weren’t in the minibus we were meant to be in because it wouldn’t start in the morning! Ron was as prepared as ever with his jumpstart kit (showing the faith he had in the replacement bus!)pict20051

Arriving in Wesel we saw a smattering of snow that had fallen the previous night which was uber exciting (for me anyway!) We all had dinner at Rudi & Doreens new flat and had the most amazing soup I have had in my life. It was clear that Rudi and Doreen had both been missing one the most exciting things in Southend – The 99p Shop! Rudi loved his ‘Rudi theReindeer’ chocolates from said shop and Doreen was extremly excited by . . . . . .the carrier bag!!


We all pict20492 had host families for the night who all had varied amounts of English . . though most ofthem said that they could only speak ‘a little’ and actually were basically fluent! I stayed with a lovely family who all spoke fluent English and it was lovely! However, it did take Jane & Bob and our hosts Utta & Karl a good hour to realise that they had met before!

Sunday morning was church and we were told we needed to leave at 9.30 am for a 10am service so we though it must be a little bit of a walk but after a whole day on a minibus that seemed nice . . .9.34am we arrived at church! 9.58am we were all sat down in our seats listening to some organ music. 10am precisely the service started! German Effeciency! No Ferndale time over there (for those who aren’t aware of Ferndale time, it’s basically that you add ten minutes at least to whatever time you’ve been told).

pict2078The service was lovely and all translated which helped (as my German isn’t that good!) although  Wilhelm (sat next to me) thought I was German because I was singing so well in German!! We were treated to the most amazing church family lunch i have ever seen in my life – the poshest tables for sure.

Then the journey back . . .now I would like to clarify that I DID NOT pray for snow at all during this weekend but A Belgian Service station inpict21481 the snowI may have mentioned how exciting snow would be, and even (jokingly) said to people ‘lets pray for snow’! Hmmm . . .well we got snow! So much that we missed our chunnel back – oops! But morale was very high on the bus the entire time (admittedly I was like an over excited 6 year old for most of it).

We had 2 hours to wait in Calais for the train, and you can see that we made good use of our time by buying lots of wine! So, a good time was had by all!



Germany and HSM . . . November 25, 2008

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It’s been a few days since I updated so here’s a couple of links. First some photos of the Ferndale trip to Germany to visit Rudi & Doreen

And here’s one of my birthday presents . . .

Amazing! Got to love it!]

A more detailed update coming in the next few days but have a laugh at these for now!