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God’s Good Gifts – 13th May May 13, 2012

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Somehow it’s been over a week and even though this challenge is only into it’s second week, I’m finding it hard to do! But nevertheless, this is the lasts weeks round up of God’s good gifts…

1) Halloumi and Nando’s garlic sauce – this taste sensation during Relay supervision on Tuesday, was a real reminder that not only did God give us food which is varied and can taste amazing (seriously don’t judge it til you’ve tried it!), but that he’s provided me with money to go buy food when I want it.

2) The M6 Toll – I was up North visiting family this weekend and although the motorway wasn’t mega busy on the way home, there was something relaxing about only being able to see three other cars on the road. And the M6 toll services are nice!

3) Handwritten letters  – In this age of digital communication there is something so nice about getting a letter from someone you talk to on the phone at least once a week, in a beautiful homemade  card.


Bad Day January 19, 2011

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Yesterday was pretty rubbish. So rubbish that I actually ended up laughing (I think I’m still mentally sane!). Laughing because I’d gotten really stressed about a road being closed and adding 18 miles to a 12 mile journey which then caused me to miss a meeting with a student. This after I’d had to go back home after I’d set off for Luton because I’d forgotten my talk notes. I was really annoyed! But then I was stuck in traffic in Luton (completly lost because the diversion had brought me in a totally different way!) and a lady came and knocked on my car window which was more than a little scary. Winding down my window she told me that I had no brake lights . . ! Also a little scary to realise that I could have been involved in a serious accident given the amount of driving that I do!

Once I realised that (that was once I was sat in a garage having two brake lights fitted) I realised that there was nothing I could have done to have made the day better, but that i didn’t need to let it all get on top of me. I believe and trust in a God who is sovereign over all things (including road closures) and cares for me! Maybe it took driving through Luton for me to find out I was in danger of being in a serious accident, or God wanted to teach me something about Him being in control of all things or for me to realise that He can work without me . . . maybe all. Maybe something else. But I did realise all of those. And that I need to take looking after my car lights a bit more seriously.


Emotions January 11, 2011

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Today has been one of those days where I’ve felt really upbeat because of things that have happened and really sad about others. It’s one of the things I love about my job, that it is exciting and always changing, but constant emotion changing is tiring! So on that note – I’m off to bed!