Living in a Field of Hats

some ramblings and reflections on working with students in Herts and Beds.

Rabbit Warren April 8, 2011

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It appears that Hatfield really is a maze of lots of different alley ways that all lead on to one. Bizarre. Went for a walk this afternoon whilst listening to my latest study on Exodus on my blackberry (I love my new phone!) and found that it’s much quicker to use the footpath to go anywhere in Hatfield than the roads. The road system seems only to make Hatfield seem bigger than it is. Now I know where there’s always loads of people on the footpath at the back of our flats!

Took some pictures with the lovely new camera I’mborrowing from a friend at the moment..enjoy!


“…everyone’s chains came loose …” January 27, 2011

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At Hatfield CU this evening we were looking at Acts 16:22-31 in answer to the question “Why should we worship Jesus”. And one thing struck me (well was pointed out!).

“…everyone’s chains came loose …” (Acts 16:26)

I’ve read this account so many times and never really thought about it in too much detail. I’ve seen the way in which God rescues Paul and Silas here and the way in which he freed them – and the way that the jailer goes on to become a Christian – and his whole household! But never before have I noticed too much that everyone’s chains came loose. God didn’t just get his top evangelists out of there, he freed all the people in there. Those who were murderers, rapists, thieves…and all other things that had landed them in jail. He freed them. What an amazing reminder that God frees all people regardless of their background. We don’t come to God as sorted people but come as people who are broken and full of sin and God deals with it on the cross. He has set us loose of chains.


Welcome Back! January 7, 2011

So, it’s been a while . . . 6 months in fact! And whilst I still love the Jesus Storybook Bible, lots of other things have in fact changed. The name and theme of this blog, where I live, what I do for a living, who I live with . . . the changes are endless (nearly!).

So,now I am living in Hatfield, Hertfordshire (hence the new name!) working with Christian students in Herts and Beds supporting and resourcing them to give their campuses the opportunity to hear about Jesus and the amazingly good news that He is.

Whilst away at staff conference this week two of my lovely roommates (and fellow late night chatters and bloggers extraordinaire Ellie and Cat) convinced me to start blogging again – I wasn’t too hard to persuade! And so, here starts a month of daily blogging! Let’s see how it goes (hopefully not too boring!)