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Jesus September 7, 2009

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It’s been a while since I wrote, but I promise there is an update coming soon!

But, just been listening to a sermon on Isaiah 42 by Mike Cain this afternoon and thought I’d share some of the joy!

It’s simple but is so easily forgotten (especially by me) when things are hard, when the Christian life requires you perserve more than you ever want to or feel able to that we have a Saviour in Jesus. I get so tempted to box things and not to take all things to him, but Jesus is God’s ‘One true Servant’, the perfect one who allows us to come to the creator of the Universe. He is the one that brings justice and  comfort. All of this was so refreshing to be reminded of but what really struck me was a simple illustration:

“if we’d fallen down a hole, then we need someone who isn’t in the hole to come and rescue us.”

It’s one i’ve heard before, but the reminder that there is someone who can come to us when we feel that there is no-one who understands reminded me of just how loving our God is, and how we are far from alone and how stupid it is to not have my eyes fixed on Jesus when he is the perfector of my faith.

I feel so much like a bruised reed at the moment, feeble and unable to continue, and yet this amazing passage has reminded me that although there are many things wrong with this world, Jesus, the One perfect Servant came to be our rescuer before he came to be our judge, which will happen one day. He came full of grace which I don’t deserve but he came anyway!

Praise be to God!