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Blogging from Moldova July 12, 2009

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So, I’m currently sat in my bedroom on camp, using a mobile internet – technology is amazing! Today is day 7 of camp and it has been really exciting. I’ll post more in deatil when I get back to the UK, but it is really exciting to see how one girl on the camp today has become a Christian and how many others are really seeming to count the cost! Exciting 🙂
This set in a context where Christians are appearing to get a hard time from the Government at the moment is even more exciting! (I’m quite excited . . .!)

There’s so much i’ve learnt and been seriously challenged on already this trip but ive not got time to go into it save to say that the gospel and God are so much bigger than I realised and that God is the God of all comfort and that joy is acheivable whatever situations you are in and that God is amazing in His plans!

I would say im off to sunbathe during my free time but sadly it is chucking it down . . . almost like being back in lancaster!!!

There may be another update before I get back but no promises!