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My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me October 22, 2009

Jesus_Cross_-_email_largeWe’ve been going through a DVD series on the History of Christianity on Sunday evenings for the last three weeks which I’ve found really interesting, although it is a little biased in places!!

Last Sunday we did the Reformation which was extra interesting for me., as I’d studied it in A Level History but never from a Christian perspective.

What really struck me was in connection to Martin Luther, and the fact that when he read “My God My God why have you forsaken me” he clearly identified with it, being a young man in a monastery feeling that although he had done everything to make himself nothing (freezing himself, praying for hours on end etc) to please God and still felt like God was a million miles away from him.

It’s how Jesus felt on the cross, but he was quoting a psalm when he said it (Psalm 22) which led me to the realisation that it isn’t wrong to feel this way! The bible clearly expects that we will feel like this from time to time! What freedom, to know that feeling that way isn’t wrong – in fact God has given us emotions. The “wrongness” comes in when it leads us to sin. So, I feel like God has abandoned me so it’s ok for me to ignore him, to not love other people sacrificially etc. Actually, it’s the opposite. If I’ve learnt one thing over recent months it’s that our feelings aren’t always right! So, although I feel that God has forsaken me, I know that he hasn’t and that as the old Relay motto goes “God is still God and the gospel is still true” no matter how I am feeling at any given point.

I’ve been really blessed to have friends reminding me of this over the last few weeks, and although it feels like an uphill struggle at times, the truth of the gospel is no less true and  there is someone who totally gets it! Jesus! They are the very words he uttered on the cross (Matthew 27:45-46). Our Saviour gets it! He knows the pain because he’s been there! And, best of all – because of his suffering on the cross we can come to God even when we don’t feel he’s there!

Amazing! And, it shows church history is relevant!!!