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Waking up from a deep sleep March 14, 2011

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Today is March 14th. March 14th!

The last time I took much notice of the date was February 13th. That means that for the last month I feel like I’ve been in a bubble that’s just not quite connected to the real world. A bubble that includes 3 Uni mission weeks and a training weekend for new CU leaders. That’s kept me rather busy and caused various levels of exhaustion (as well loads of encouragements of seeing CUs stand boldly on their campuses for Christ, and seeing non believers think about and wrestle with questions of truth)

However, to celebrate a return to the outside world, a couple of friends and I ventured into lovely (sunny!) St Albans to be tourists for the day today . . here’s some pictures…. (and return to the real world hopefully means the blogging world too!)


Why it’s ok to stay in bed in mission week February 9, 2011

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We listened to this talk at Bedford CU’s meeting last night and I loved it. The title made me a little be sceptical . . . I mean it would be gutting if the whole CU stayed in bed for mission week. But after listening to it – if the reasons my CU’s stay in bed are the biblical ones that John lays out then that’s fine!

It was really good to be reminded that we don’t do mission to make a name for ourselves, to impress other people or to impress God. We do mission because God chooses to share His glory with us. What a privelege, and a timely reminder that in mission weeks I’m not trying to prove my worth or how good I am to anyone – especially not God as He has done everything for me.

Even if you’re not involved in student CU missions, it’s well worth a listen because in terms of evangelism it’s something that we all need reminding of!


The far far north! January 22, 2009

So, I have been in the far north for a week now which has flown by that is for sure!imag0246

First few days were a great chance to relax and see northern friends and family (as well as loosing a wisdom tooth 😦 ) But, sunday saw the start of the main reason for my northern trip – Lancaster University Mission Week!

This is my second mission week this year (both in Lancaster but at different Universities). Read about my first one here.

I planning on heading to bed soonish so this is going to be short but here is a brief update so far . . .

This is week one of a two week mission so it is less intense that the one at University of Cumbria in November but an average day is prayer with the whole CU at 9, CUG (Christian Union Guest) meeting and breakfast at 10. 11-1 is the main time for doign flyers and questionnaires which usually absolutly petrify me and the whole time I was a relay worker in Lancaster I hated it- the whole idea of stopping someone in the street to tell them what I believe is so so scary!! But this week I am loving it. It’s still difficult and still have to remind myself why I ‘m doing it but being able to get alongside the students and see them gain in confidence in doing them for the first time has been fantastic. Evenings are dinner parties with small group members and their friends and small group events including things like text a toastie.

The lunchbars so far have been really well attending with numbers starting at 75 on monday and reaching 111 today! They are being held in a marquee quite central to campus (which is pictured with the signs and me and Alex a student, showing off the FREE hoodies). I do still find it miraculous that people will come and listen to a 20 minute talk about the gospel and even ask questions! It’s just so bizarre (to my mind!) but it just shows how powerful the gospel is. I’ve been reminded over and over this week to not judge people in terms of who will and who won’t be interested in finding out more about it. There is no one too cool or sorted. So many people are willing to take FREE gospels as well which is amazing. Michael Ots, the speaker has been keeping his blog up to date with more info on lunchbars.

Being a CUG on this mission has been great (so far and don’t think it’ll change!) for seeing God work, having a bit more time to spend with individuals, but also to spend time with the other CUGs, a lot of whom I know but some I don’t and just talking honestly with them about living as a Christian is so encouraging.

Tomorrow night is my small group event which is free cocktails and a quiz at which I’m giving talk on ‘is the gospel relevant to me’ so watch this space  . . .


Tales from the North November 10, 2008

Since Wednesday evening, I have been ‘up North’ which is very exciting! It’s my first proper trip North (36 hours for Esther and Darrens Wedding really doesn’t count!) and I have seen so many people which has been fantastic.

I’ve spent some really great time with my mum, going shopping and just spending some really good quality time together.Went up to Kendal and into Lancaster and mainly pottered doing Me and my godson, Bennothing. And, for once I thought ahead and have bought a fair few of the Christmas presents for Northern people so I don’t have to neogtiate them onto the train at Christmas but instead leave them at my mums- genius!  Got to see Ben, my godson which was great – he’s said he’s coming to visit me in Southend but Mummy might not be allwoed to come! And it’s really weird, ever since I got off the train, I actually just felt at home! Southend feels like a bit of a dream. A good one I hasten to add, but nevertheless a bit of a dream.

I’ve done a bit more since Saturday (which some how was only yesterday . . .though by the time I finish the post it’ll probably be technically 2 days ago) Getting very wet at the fireworks!as seeing lots of different people generally requires doing a bit more. Had lunch with an amazing friend and was really encouraged. Had dinner with some other friends (and was introduced to the idea of having fried apples with bangers, mash and onion gravy – sounds rank but is actually quite good!). But the highlight of Saturday has to be the legnedary Lancaster fireworks! I have been for so many years it was really exciting to be home to see them, but even more exciting was running into friends from Uni who had come from Preston to see the fireworks too! How exciting although amazingly wet!

Today (sunday), I’ve been to church and was overwhelmed by the generosity and support of so many who clearly had been praying for me and were willing to make financial sacrifices. lunch with some student friends . . who don't appear that happy to see me!I felt like I’d never been away (seeing people look at me, turn away and then realise that I’m not part of the furniture anymore was actually hilarious!). Going to ‘spoons for lunch with the students and then just chilling with some good friends this afternoon was great. I feel so at home here, but weirdly I think that it does feel right for me to be just a visitor, though granted that might change over the course of this week.

6pm today saw the official start of University of Cumbria Mission Week! So, that’s what I’ll be doing all week. Peter Dray has summed up what we are doing really well on his blog.

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m scared but I can’t wait! I’m already relearning that students like to start hard discussions late at night, and don’t do assignments til very late the night before they are due (hence when I am writing this now!) but I think I do love it

(Southern people . . . .Don’t worry, I am planning on coming back! Especially as it’s now 12.30am and I have to be up for prayers in the morning . . .I can’t cope with the student lifestyle long term!)