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Still coping! August 27, 2008

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Mr and Mrs Wren

Mr and Mrs Wren

I’m back in Southend after Phil and Sarah’s lovely wedding which was a great chance to catch up with some of the UCCF team from the North West that I’ve not seen in a while. Made me realise that although I’d only known most of these people for a year I’d formed some really deep friendships with them over that time and I’m really grateful for their continuing support, challenge and rebuking when necessary!

I managed not only to navigate crossing London but also ,diverted from the Trainline’s itnerinary to go and visit another girl I know from doing Relay, Rachel, which was great. I saw most the main sights of London from her roof terrace (the Gherkin, the Eye, BT tower and what we think is St Paul’s Cathedral!).

This afternoon moved some books and photos into the office (that seems quite strange that I have an office!) to make it more ‘homey’ which appears to have worked so far and I can now get around without Paddy! Woo! Tomorrow’s challenge is going to be walking to the church with just my trusty A-Z to help me . . .should be interesting!