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How to tell I’m a Northerner at heart May 26, 2011

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No, it’s not by my accent anymore (which is very sad!), it’s not even by the fact I love meat and potato pies (which seem impossible to find in the south!), nor by my real love of chips with gravy and mushy peas. No, today the thing that makes me northern is the real joy of staring out the window at this view…

Rain! Real Rain (which this photo really doesn’t do justice to!)! We’ve not had any down here for a good month (ie I’ve owned my new car for 4 weeks and not had to use the windscreen wipers yet!). So when the torrential rain/thunder storm started I smiled, grabbed my fleecy blanket and settled back to doing my admin feeling a lot more energised. I love the rain – how could I not when I grew up in a town where it literally seemed to rain daily. Oh how I’ve missed it .. now to dig out my umbrella!


Water, Water Everywhere! September 30, 2008

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When I was being convinced to move South, a few people told me that it’s always sunny and warm and never rains (you know who you are!) I now know that they were not telling the truth! Today, is one of the coldest days I think I’ve ever experienced….maybe I’m slightly over reacting … but it’s very cold and disgustingly wet 😦 second time in a week I’ve got soaked on the way to church.

Though – excitingly I now have a new cistern meaning that my bathroom floor is no longer flooded –   woohoo! Getting up and knowing you’ve got to mop your bathroom floor every morning isn’t the best reason to get out of bed. woohoo!