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Harry Potter and the Final Supervision June 25, 2012

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Today was my final supervision with my lovely Relay workers. It has been a real joy to supervise them and see how God has been working in their lives and through them in the CUs this year. They’ve been so much fun to work alongside and become really great friends as well! To celebrate the end of the year we went to the Harry Potter studio! It was amazing. If you’re thinking of going, then do it! It was lovely to do something really fun together … I think end of year team days at the end of this week will be the sob-by bit of saying goodbye – today was just the fun!

Enjoy a little taste of our day!

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God’s Good Gifts – 3rd June June 3, 2012

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I had every intention of catching up on last week’s God’s Good Gifts, but somehow it never happened – mainly due to being away 10 days out of 13(!). But here’s this weeks…

1) Forgiveness – there’s been a couple of times this week that I’ve needed to apologise to people, and both times I convinced myself that I’d messed up so badly they’d never forgive me –  and yet both times I was met with gracious loving forgiveness. What an awesome picture of the gospel.

2) Baking – it may because I’ve been reading ‘Meals with Jesus’, but there is something lovely about throwing in lots of very different ingredients and getting cake out of it!

3) Free Starbucks – a very long (and not that interesting story!) resulted in queue jumping privileges and a free ‘Royal Mint’ frappuccino. Winner!

4) Relay Workers – getting to hang out with the lovely East Central Relays for a couple of days this week was a real blessing – not only some amazing bible teaching, but a lot of fun and banter and life sharing. I will miss them!