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It’s been a while . . . February 11, 2009

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So, been a while since I wrote anything apart from my blog ‘boast’ about lots of snow!!

What have I been doing? Well I had the joy (suprising joy at that!) of attending the Girls Brigade Leaders Rededication Meal where we were told about all theFerndales GB team work that has been going on acoss South East Essex which was so encouraging. It was also great to stand with all the other leaders and commit ourselves to serving the girls and being a witness to them. It made me realise that GB is so much more about the gospel than being a youth group. Also, I’ve been realising that the time we spend doing devotions is worth it. Although it appears sometime (well all the times!) that the girls aren’t really listening, I’ve had some really good conversations recently about things they have learnt and one girl is weighing up the truth of the gospel – what an encouragment!

However, it’s been a hard few weeks. I’ve been hit again and again with just how broken this world is. This world is completly broken and people are hurting all over.

I was reminded yesterday of a conversation I had with Pete during Lancaster Mission Week about this world and praying for Jesus to come back. I had thought for so long that God couldn’t be loving if Jesus came back before everyone I knew was saved!! And, the truth that not everyone I know will necessarily be saved is still hard but especially after being exposed again to the pain of this world I can truly say “Come Lord Jesus” but pray more earnestly for those I love and seek to tell them of the gospel.