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Some news . . . or not May 5, 2010

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I think that most people are now aware that I’m going to be staying in the south for the next 3 – 5 years at least (if not then I’m really sorry you’ve found out this way . . .unless of course you don’t know me!).

So, I’m going to be in the south, but not in Southend so have been feeling a complete mix of emotions at leaving Essex and still being in the South when quite a large proportion of me wanted to go home (aka the North in general). It’s clearly right though as every door to jobs in the North were firmly shut and southern ones kept being opened before they were even pushed! Though its looking like leaving Essex will be harder than I ever thought possible as so many times I’ve just wanted to run away to somewhere where they understand that gravy should be thick and the plural of text is texts and not texties! Not that I’ve hated Essex anywhere near as much as that sounds! I do actually genuinely love people here and love the way in which our relationships have grown.

So, looks like I’m destined to lose whats left of my Northern accent . . . I was informed by a 8 year old that I was no longer a real Northerner because she could understand what I was saying . . . gutting!


Southend People November 3, 2008

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I was lead to believe that people in the south were a lot less friendly than those in the North. After 9 weeks and 5 days of living in Southend, I can tell you that, that is not true of Southenders! I have found them just as friendly as most Northerners. There is that ‘talking over the garden fence’, the helping your neighbour in need (my next door but one neighbours workman gave me a jump start last week when my car died) and the friendly chatter from workmen (the BT man asked me out on a date and the plumber just sat and chatted for a good half hour!) Southend is friendly on the whole!

And . . .I’m off to Lancaster on Wednesday! I am very excited. I’m taking a couple of days holiday to spend with my mum and other friends and then I’m being a CUG (Christian Union Guest) at the mission week of Univerity of Cumbria. (A mission week is a week of events put on by the Christian Union to explain to their friends and coursemates about Jesus and his message). It will be great to go back but it’s quite scary how quickly it has come around! It only feels like a couple of weeks since I got here, but it’s been nearly 10! Scary!