Living in a Field of Hats

some ramblings and reflections on working with students in Herts and Beds.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon January 16, 2011

This afternoon has been very productive (in a very laidback and lazy kinda way). Not only have I made enough soup to last me a month  – thanks to very reduced veg at Tesco yesterday! But also, had a very successful dairy free baking experience (as opposed to my dairy free jam cakes earlier in the week!). Sadly the internet hasn’t evolved yet to be able to let me give you a cake so here’s a picture for you to enjoy!

The most exciting thing is the icing . . . it’s chocolate buttercream but instead of using cocoa powder, it uses real chocolate. Mine is a little bit runny as I halfed the receipe but forgot to half the milk – d’oh! This is the recipe (unsuprisingly American – why do they have the best baking?) though I  used soya milk and butter and 74% cocoa dark chocolate to eliminate all milk and it tastes great. Though I wouldn’t put it on a chocolate cake as it’s pretty rich just on a vanilla base but that is a good way to make sure I just eat one at a time! 

Cooking, baking and church has made a pretty good day!