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God’s Good Gifts – 24th June June 24, 2012

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It’s late (for a school night anyway!) so I’ll keep this brief today…

1) Enjoying God and Life – another Yvonne Lyon song has inspired me greatly this weekend (I promise I’m NOT on commission..honestly!) This one is called ‘Enjoy not Endure’ and it’s like she can see inside my soul! I can’t find any link to her songs, but you can listen to a preview here. The line “recognise and mourn the days that never will return, for you were made for greater things than living with regret” really sums it up. Beautiful gospel truth wrapped up in beautiful music.

2) A travelling cake tin – I’ve been away again this weekend so being greeted by a friends husband bearing a cake tin full of brownies she’d sent for me was amazing. She originally made me cake in the tin, I returned it to her when her children were ill with rocky road and now it’s come back to me. I think this a tradition to keep on doing!

3) “It’s about faith not biology” – the reminder at church this evening from John 19, that our churches really are family


Lonely Road June 19, 2012

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One thing I’ve learnt over the last few months, is that grief really is lonely. There’s been so many moments where I’ve felt more alone than I ever have done before in my life. I’ve bee spending a lot of time listening to a song by Yvonne Lyon, called “Lonely Road”. The chorus sums up, where I am at the moment …

“You and I are taking this lonely road,
You and I are finding our way back home”

Yvonne is a Christian, but I’m not totally sure what she was thinking of when she wrote this song. This real encouragement to me with this song, has been the reminder that this life can be incredibly lonely. And it will be, there’ll be lonely roads for us all at different points. But yet, the truth of the gospel means that we can live an oxymoron, we can be lonely and yet full assured that God will never forsake us. He’ll walk every step of the way with us. If it’s true that we are in Christ, then how can he not? He’s never going to go back on what he’s done for us and promised. Amazing.

Here’s a very short, low quality clip of the song. Enjoy!


I am loved October 15, 2011

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I got chance to go to the London Womens’ Convention today which was a great time to hang out with some ladies from church. Having the chance to sit and chat without many distractions around was a real joy. Another huge joy was hearing the amazing Yvonne Lyon for the first time. Often I get bored listening to people sing after one or two songs but not this time!

My absolute song was ‘I am Loved’ which sadly it seems there’s no youtube video for… but here’s the lyrics

All tangled up in my own expectation
Barefoot and broken I lay on the floor
With only a flicker and feel for the future
I don’t know if I can compete anymore

When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved
When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved

All tired out by the best of intentions
Convinced I could carry this weight on my own
The more I discovered the less I am sure of
But I know I don’t face this journey alone

When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved
When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved

And the stillness soothes me and terrifies
it’s curious consolation

When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved
When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved

The theme of the convention was identity and this song fitted in perfectly. So often I experience the verse – feeling tangled and caught by what I expect of myself left broken on the floor with no way of getting up, and yet instead of “pulling my socks up” as the world would say, we can look to the place of our true identity and know we are loved no matter what.

How amazing is the gospel?!