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IFES World Student Day October 21, 2011

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The organisation that I work for, is one movement in an international group – The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students and today is World Student Day. A day for us to pray for one another around the world. Have a look at this for some ideas…

It’s such a priveledge to be able to join with these broters and sisters working in Uni’s around the world with the same aim as us here in the UK. Why not have a look at some of the latest prayer requests here now and pray?


I am loved October 15, 2011

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I got chance to go to the London Womens’ Convention today which was a great time to hang out with some ladies from church. Having the chance to sit and chat without many distractions around was a real joy. Another huge joy was hearing the amazing Yvonne Lyon for the first time. Often I get bored listening to people sing after one or two songs but not this time!

My absolute song was ‘I am Loved’ which sadly it seems there’s no youtube video for… but here’s the lyrics

All tangled up in my own expectation
Barefoot and broken I lay on the floor
With only a flicker and feel for the future
I don’t know if I can compete anymore

When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved
When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved

All tired out by the best of intentions
Convinced I could carry this weight on my own
The more I discovered the less I am sure of
But I know I don’t face this journey alone

When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved
When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved

And the stillness soothes me and terrifies
it’s curious consolation

When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved
When it all falls apart like it tends to do sometimes
I am loved

The theme of the convention was identity and this song fitted in perfectly. So often I experience the verse – feeling tangled and caught by what I expect of myself left broken on the floor with no way of getting up, and yet instead of “pulling my socks up” as the world would say, we can look to the place of our true identity and know we are loved no matter what.

How amazing is the gospel?!


If … then remember Jesus Christ October 9, 2011

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A friend of mine passed on a link to a sermon by Lindsay Brown on 2 Timothy 2:1-7 and the last few sentences he says were so much so that they’re now on the bathroom mirror!

‘if you feel like giving up “remember Jesus Christ” who didn’t give up,
if you feel like you can’t persevere “remember Jesus Christ”, if you
feel you can not sacrifice remember Jesus Christ, if you feel there’s no one to
press on with “remember Jesus Christ”, if you feel you can not
continue remember the grace of God in Jesus Christ, if you feel you can’t be
single minded “remember Jesus Christ”, and press on loving him,
trusting him, holding on to him, holding on to the grace of God, and persevere
to the end.’.

No matter what, remember Christ!


The best encouragement! October 8, 2011

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The last week has had more than it’s fair share of discouraging moments and so by yesterday evening I was ready to go to bed and watch West Wing, and heading to a prayer supporters evening seemed quite a lot of effort. But however much fun West Wing would have been, meeting with the local prayer supporters group was so much better!

They’re a group that have been meeting for a number of years and is mainly made up of graduates from the 1950s. It was a real great encouragemnt to share with them some of the discouraging moments and to hear their prayers. Joining to pray for the mission on campus with people who have been supporters of the work for 60 years was amazing. Their knowledge and wisdom shone through in the prayers and in our conversation.

It was great to hear of their experiences of CU as students and the way in which the Lord was working and using the CUs then. The differences beteween the student life back then and now was so evident, and yet CUs were being used by God then and now.

I cam away from the meeting being so glad that I had been there, and so thankful for all of those who faithfully pray for the work of CUs. Thank you if that’s you! It means a lot!